Legal Assistance to Older and Disabled Persons in Slavonski Brod

Information Legal Center (ILC) has started implementation of the above mentioned project in November 2014. The main aim of the project is enhancement of condition of older and disabled persons in Slavonski Brod through facilitated access to rights and free legal aid which will alleviate their access to human and socioeconomic rights.

Due to bad material situation and exposure to the poverty, access to the court and other administration bodies is hardly accessible to older and disabled persons. Because of non-awareness, health reasons, age and/or distrust in the official system they barely ever address competent state bodies, thus access to information, counselling and free legal assistance to senior citizens is fundamental to enable impartial information on their rights and commitments, but as well on the redundant consequences of legal affairs in which they participate.

Moreover, ILC legal counselling centre is open for the family members of older and disabled persons in Slavonski Brod, who take care of them completely or to some extent, in order to inform and advise them concerning above mentioned legal issues.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Social Policy and Youth.