Sixth workshop for Roma civil society organisations from the City of Slavonski Brod

On 22 December 2016 the sixth of eight workshops for Roma CSOs from Slavonski Brod was held in the community building Josip Rimac.

The first module of the workshop "Writing project proposals" was attended by 11 members from the most active Roma organizations.

During the interactive workshop, participants were informed of the concept of the project cycle, the importance and possibilities of project activities, analysis of stakeholders, problems and needs, creating a problem tree and defining the goals of the project, the definition and description of target groups, the development and description of activities and definition of the results of the project proposal.

Present members of Roma  civil society organisations (CSOs) have pointed out that during the workshop they acquired new skills that will help them in the further development of  their organisations.

The workshop for Roma  CSOs in Slavonski Brod was organized by ILC in collaboration with project partners  - HILS from Osijek, Brod – Posavina County and the Network of Roma associations in Croatia within the project "Legal inclusion and sustainable integration of Roma in Croatia", which is financed by the European Union from IPA 2012 "Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to ensure the effective implementation of EU standards in the realization of human rights" and co – financed by the Office for Cooperation with CSOs.