Meeting : “Statelessness in South Eastern Europe”

UNHCR Croatia hosted the regional meeting of UNHCR Offices from the region and their implementing partners - NGO's from the region, WeBLAN members. 

The meeting was held on 19 March 2014 in Zagreb. The subject of this meeting was: Statelessness in South Eastern Europe - the role of partner organizations in addressing statelessness; cooperation at the national and regional levels.

Besides the representatives of UNHCR from the region (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo) and their NGO partners (Your Rights - BH, MYLA- Macedonia, Praxis-Serbia, CRP-Kosovo, Legal Centre -Montenegro, Information Legal Centre - Croatia) representatives from UNHCR Brussels and Geneva also participated at the meeting.

The meeting was opened by representative of UNHCR Croatia, Mr Terence Pike who emphasized that this year is the 60th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of Stateless Persons (1954). He additionally commented the work of NGOs who are dealing with this issue and how it is necessary that all NGOs continue with their work, so that stateless persons or persons without regulated status could finally solve their status. All NGOs from region represented their activities and achievements on national level and through the WeBLAN network and they also represented their activities planned for the future that concern resolving the issues of stateless persons. NGO representatives stressed the importance of their cooperation with UNHCR and support received from UNHCR in dealing with this sensitive issue. All participants agreed that the problem of people without status in the region should be resolved in next five years