Community meeting in Zagreb

On 26 April 2017 ILC organised a community meeting "Employment Opportunities in Zagreb"  in the community building in Kozari Bok.

Guests of the meeting were representatives of the Croatian Employment Service (CES) Mrs. Elizabeta  Rebernisak, the head of the Department for mediation and employment preparation and Mrs. Ljiljana  Spoljaric, the head of the Department of  active employment policy .

Guests referred to conditions of application to the Croatian Employment Service and rights and obligations of unemployed persons who are registered in the CES database.

They stressed the importance of coming to the scheduled counselling sessions,  development of a professional plan and most importantly, regular application to the CES every 28 days.

Guests also introduced  the new Mediation Act and  emphasised that unemployed persons will automatically be removed from the CES Register if  they  do not justify the absence of their application within 3 days.

 Additionally, they presented nine new measures of employment policy that have replaced the previous measures.

They advised everyone who intends to use some of the employment measures to seek help and advice from the CES when filling out the forms.

In the presentation  the guests explained to the beneficiaries of the guaranteed minimum fee a possibility of working  half-time without fear of losing  the right to the guaranteed minimum fee.

Community meeting lasted an hour and a half and 24 attendees were active in asking questions and seeking advice from the CES representatives.

Community meeting was held within the project "Legal inclusion and sustainable integration of Roma in Croatia" funded by the European Union assistance from the IPA 2012 program "Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to ensure the effective implementation of EU standards in the realization of human rights" and co – financed by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs.