Community meeting in Slavonski Brod

Community meeting "Employment opportunities and the exercise of social rights" was held in the community building Josip Rimac in Slavonski Brod on 30 March 2017.

Guests of the  meeting were Mr. Zeljko Balikic, representative of the Croatian Employment Service (CES) and  Ms. Ivana Polic and  Ms. Vedrana Jelic, representatives of the Center for Social Welfare (CSW).

CSW representatives informed the assembled citizens  about rights and obligations they have under the Social Welfare Act and clarified the conditions that must be met for beneficiaries to be entitled to a guaranteed minimum fee or a one-time financial compensation. The guests informed the  present citizens about the new provision in the Act which refers to the possibility of using guaranteed minimum fee after employment on public works and stressed that this provision applies only to persons who participated in the work for the common good.  Citizens inquired about the possibility of having personal vehicles  while using guaranteed minimum fee and were informed that they can not possess vehicles it they want to realize the right to the guaranteed minimum fee

Mr. Balikic referred to the rights and obligations of unemployed persons who are registered in the CES database. He stressed that all registered persons have an obligation to report monthly to the CES and that this can be done in person, by sending SMS or e-mail. In addition to regular reporting, a person must actively look for a job, keep a diary, etc.. Mr. Balikic noted that CES has the option of deleting persons from the unemployment database  for a  period of three months if  a person does not respond to the scheduled consultation or refuses  a job offer. He also informed the citizens with employment opportunities through public works and stressed that with this measure, during the current year, CES will employ 40 people out of which women and long-term unemployed persons will have the advantage.

The  meeting, which lasted an hour and a half, was attended by 20 people who were active in asking questions and seeking advice from guests.

Community meeting was held within the project "Legal inclusion and sustainable integration of Roma in Croatia" funded by the European Union assistance from the IPA 2012 program "Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to ensure the effective implementation of EU standards in the realization of human rights" and co – financed by the Office for Cooperation with NGOs.