Active classroom for Roma population

Call for proposal: Active Citizens Fund 2014-2021 in Croatia, Ad-hoc action projects

Project duration: 01.03.2021. - 31.05.2021.

Coordinator: Information legal centre (ILC)









Summary of the project in English 

In Croatia at the beginning of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision was made to suspend teaching in schools, and education was transformed into online education in a very short time. A large number of Roma children did not participate regularly in online classes and the reasons for this are various, from poverty to the inability to receive adequate support in families, therefore we consider them a vulnerable group that should be supported in completing primary education. 

The general goal of the project is to promote equal opportunities and integration of Roma children into CRO educational system. The specific goals are: to sensitize and involve the Roma community in the promotion of education; to promote participation and involvement between Roma families and the school; to provide support, information and assistance to Roma students in order to avoid nonattendance and drop out of school; to provide support at the transition between primary and secondary school. The support to students of 8th grade will be provided directly  by Roma teaching assistants (male and female) who will, according to the needs of each student and the instructions of professional associates of the school: communicate with students daily (support in solving homework, monitoring teaching content, reminding of deadlines); communicate with parents (technical support, support in creating a schedule of daily activities); technical support (support for students and parents in the installation and use of applications). In this way, we will provide Roma students with support in completing primary education, motivate them to continue their education, sensitize and involve the entire Roma families in promoting education. 

The Active Classroom for the Roma Population project was supported with € 5,000.00 in financial support from the Islands, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA and Norwegian grants.





Projekt ˝Aktivna učionica za romsku populaciju˝ je podržan sa € 5.000,00 financijske podrške Islanda, Lihtenštajna i Norveške u okviru EGP i Norveških grantova.