The Platform 112

The Platform 112 gathers about 60 civil society organizations with long standing experience that are dealing with the human rights protection, democratization, piecebuilding, the prevention of corruption and protection of the public resources (especially environment).

In 112 demands with defined priorities and specific measures to Croatia, that they forward to all political parties before parlamentary elections, the Platform 112 demands different Croatia - Croatia in which Rule of Law represents the foundation of individual, institutional and political action.

Platform 112 demands and anticipates consistency and political responsibility of new governance as well as other political actors and institutions, for actual and permanent improvement in five interrelated high-priority areas:

1) Stable, accountable and democratic government institutions and equal access to justice

2) Quality of democracy

3) Fight against corruption and the public interest

4) Equality and dignity of all people

5) Legacy of war, dealing with the past and peacebuilding.


In 2013, IPC has joined as suporting organization to coalition The Platform 112